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January 2014 Updates: 3rd Party News: Automatically grab local, third party news headlines from your area, and display them on your home page. Turn it on under General Website > Site Control.

Automatically send scores to the press. This optional feature can be turned on under Score Reporting on the left panel of the admin area.

Social Media: We added major ways to leverage your social media. Check it out under General Website > Social Media.

Enhanced Mobile Admin Area. Click here to see how to access the mobile friendly admin area that includes many more features & many more updates, click here to read more...

  October 4, 2013:  Humor: BigTeams staff made a promo video that does not enhance your site, but is pretty funny and it was filmed at Fauquier High School in Virginia. Click here to see it!
August 15, 2013:  Major Team Page Enhancements.  Users can now drastically customize their team pages.  This means website administrators, including coaches, can create custom pages and even password-protect them at the team page level.  Moreover, the landing page fans see when they click on a team page from the home page can be customized - click here to read more...

  August 8th, 2013:  Enhanced Scheduling:  See the bottom of a team’s schedule within the admin area of the site to see some new features if you are using the BigTeams website for your primary scheduler.
  July 28, 2013:  Enhanced Volunteer Management: We have a new feature to make managing game workers even easier for your booster club.  Much, much less data entry is required to create jobs and worker time slots.  Click here to learn more.
You can now give journalists an account so they can post game articles on your website for you.   Click here for details.
The new BigTeams app for iPhone & Android is out, allowing fans to load their favorite teams and quickly view schedules, news and much more.  In addition, we have a free Admin App that allows coaches to easily update scores, schedules, news, and more from their iPhone or Android.  Simply search "BigTeams" in your app store today, a portion of the download cost is donated back to your athletic department.

Professional photographers can now have "pro" accounts. These accounts allow professional photographers to submit photos to your website for publication, yet they will not be sold on the website. You can also opt out of having specific photos be made for sale. Click here to read more.

Online Photo Store:
  Now photos on your site are available for sale through our partner SmugMug and your school earns 50% of the profit.  In addition, the public can now upload photos which you can then approve for sale, increasing not only fan involvement but revenue for your department.  Click here to learn more.



 New mobile features being developed and tested including more fan interaction tools...




Online student newspaper tools currently in development...





























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